New York

April 19 -20 2019

We believe that you need to have access to reliable and useful information pertinent to you for making responsible decisions. That is why we have created the Crypto Roadshow.

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Understanding Blockchain Business Potentials

We believe that you need to have access to reliable and useful information pertinent to you for making responsible decisions. That is why we have created the Crypto Roadshow.

The birth of blockchain

Where are we now and how do we move forward? A closer look at blockchain innovations and developments.

How safe is blockchain really?

We will delve deep into this bold topic and shine a bright light of insight and discussion to discover best practices.

Tokenizing digital assets

Practically everything imaginable can be tokenized and it’s easier than you may think. You can also save money and make money. We’ll show you how.

Trading Platforms

Digital currency exchanges are swarming the space yet many of them are designed from a developers point of view. New simplified exchanges are entering the market, designed to convert millions of new users.

Purpose of cryptocurrencies

We are experiencing a “crypto winter” which has put many investors in a panic-mode after the hype. However there is light at the end of the tunnel. Which coins have a real potential to survive this crypto winter and can expect long term profits?

Social impact of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

It’s not only about making money. Blockchain and digital assets have the potential to make a real change in the world. We and the planet can profit.

Taking a closer look at smart contracts in business

Unless you are a tech expert you probably don’t really know what a smart contract is, let alone, what a huge impact it will have for all type of services using blockchain technologies. We will show you current and future use cases with smart contracts.

Adoption of blockchain by large institutions

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the pioneers but new blockchain technologies are ready to take the lead. They invite banks, hotels, supermarkets and many other industries to migrate their services to these high speed and low cost blockchains. Why and when will large institutions accept the invite?

How to build a Crypto Active Portfolio

Although the Digital asset infrastructure is set and ready for institutional funding, when can we expect this transition to occur is a big question mark, as it is important for both professional and personal traders to learn when to buy and sell (timing diversification)

The Crypto Roadshow agenda:

We will kick off the American Crypto Roadshow in New York City. From there we will continue our unique travelling educational event in 15 major cities across the USA. We also have Asia and Europe on our radar.

Arjan Eikelenboom

Founder of The Crypto Roadshow

Over 10 year of experience in private banking, asset and wealth management and investing in disruptive technologies.

Director of Strategic Partnerships with Credits. (

CMO with Spray Digital Assets Network
(start-up, please ask for presentation-deck )

Arjan Eikelenboom

While traveling the world, from one blockchain conference to the next, I learned that most crypto & blockchain events forgot to add value for both visitors and exhibitors. This discovery inspired me to create The Crypto Roadshow, to make a difference.

The speakers

Martin Kuvandzhiev

Co-Founder of Bitcoin Gold

Martin Kuvandzhiev is a European entrepreneur, engineer and innovator. He is the Co-Founder of Bitcoin Gold, Founder of Cryptoapps Ltd. and is participating as a board member with Credits and Depository Network blockchain projects. He is also contributing to a European Fintech project called Phyre and consulting high potential startups around the world.

Martin Kuvandzhiev

Co-founder of Bitcoin Gold

Johannes Drooghaag

CEO at Spearhead Management Plt

Road Warrior, Cyber Security Advocate and Keynote Speaker on AI, Blockchain, Agile and all things Transformation. Advisory Board Member and Brand Ambassador for various startups and corporations.

Johannes Drooghaag

CEO at Spearhead Management Plt

David Sabo

Founding partner Symbol Network

David is a millennial entrepreneur, product designer and polymath. He has been helping launch and scale businesses from a very young age, wearing many hats and executive roles across a number of industries.

He helped launch Europe's first crypto focused accelerator where he gained a unique insight to the industry as head of global expansion. He is a founding partner at the blockchain consulting firm Symbol Network where they help venture backed startups and mid-cap companies design and launch blockchain-based products.

Symbol Network
Symbol Network is a blockchain consulting firm that helps venture backed startups and mid-cap companies launch blockchain-based products. Their Token Architects design and deliver mathematically robust token economies from the whiteboard to production.

The company launched early summer 2018, currently working with a number of clients and partners from all around the globe.

David Sabo

Founding partner Symbol Network

Martin Speight

CEO & Co-Founder of

Experienced entrepreneur and business strategy consultant. Over 28 years background in sales and marketing. Founder of successful specialist marketing consultancy and several Internet startups.

Specialist in online business development, specific experience helping startups develop business systems, strategies, and processes to achieve planned and manageable growth.

Experienced in all aspects of digital marketing, including traffic and lead generation, ad creation, monetisation, copywriting, web development, email marketing, product launches, business scaling and more.

Gaimin: provides an easy to use platform for gamers, which connects the massive supply of gaming computer power to the enormous demand for blockchain mining, enabling a gamer to earn crypto rewards and gaming assets, completely hands-free, without affecting his gaming performance in any way or needing to know anything about blockchain mining.

The creation of the revolutionary platform has allowed me to combine my love of gaming and blockchain technology with my passions for online business development, bringing them together to produce an innovative and game-changing concept to blockchain mining.

Martin Speight

CEO & Co-Founder of