Are we going to the moon?

2017 was an interesting year for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In less than six months, hundreds of altcoins skyrocketed to turbulent highs. By December of that same year, millions of people from all over the world had put money into a crypto portfolio, hoping to become an instant millionaire.


This year, the crypto and blockchain landscape looks different. And it is likely that next years landscape will not look anything like todays’. So, what can we expect? Will we ever ‘go to the moon’? And if so, which crypto-spaceship should we all board?


Big companies have already started with blockchain

Blockchain technologies have the potential to disrupt every imaginable industry because it is safer, faster and cheaper than anything we know. Next to that, blockchain is decentralised which means no one owns or can manipulate the data created.


Industries like, online retailers, banking, finance, energy, travel and hospitality, are doing research themselves regarding business opportunities and the potential of blockchain. We may not hear from them or see it but companies like Amazon, Starbucks are actively exploring their blockchain opportunities with existing and new blockchains.


You’re not too late

Meanwhile, mainstream media report about Bitcoin almost every day but they remain awfully quiet about blockchain technology developments and its huge potential.


If you step back and have good look at the turbulence in this crypto & blockchain space, you could say that we are in the middle of a blockchain ‘big bang’. And no, this is not a theory! It is very real and you are not too late to get into the game. But better hurry up.


The speakers of The Crypto Roadshow will take you on a journey through current blockchain developments, what should happen for businesses to start using the technology for their services, and what we can expect to happen in the foreseeable future. Valuable information, especially for investors.

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